The History of Paulaner Beer:
         In 1627, the Bavarian Elector, Mazimilian I, brought ten Pauline monks from St. Paola in Italy to the monastery at Neudeck ob der Au and the history of Paulaner Brewery began. The Paulaner Brewery is still situated on the monastery's grounds. "And God created Paulaner" In the 17th century, during their strict fasting, the monks brewed Paulaner Salvator, because "fasting is not broken by drinking". This beer was so rich and hearty it became known as "liquid bread". Salvator set standards of quality that remain benchmarks today.
          In 1634 the commercial brewers of Munich filled a written protest opposing the public offering of the Pauline monks' beer. They feared that the extraordinary brews of the Pauline monks would soon be competing with their beers. This deed of protest provides the first documentation of the Paulaner brewery, and the superior quality of its beers.
Paulaner : The Legend made of hops and malt

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